Conference History - Third Edition

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Oral speakers of the 3rd International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education announced their decision to be shifted to Virtual presentation mode. Therefore, the ICTLE Organizing Committee decided to hold the conference entirely Online. The Virtual presentations were delivered via an online electronic forum (Webinar), where the participants engaged in lively discussions during the conference.

Conference Highlighted Speakers

Author Article title Affiliation
education conference Prof Dr.Juris Porozovs EEG spectral feature markers as an indicator of human cognitive process University of Latvia
Dr.Bolatzhan Dybyspayev Developing students’ creative skills during the process of teaching geometry Lyceum school,Kazakhstan
higher education conference Prof Dr.Alvin Chang The Analysis of English Language Training Strategies for Taiwan International Trade Enterprises Ling Tung University,Taiwan
higher education conference Dr.Miguel Fernández Álvarez Escape Rooms in Higher Education. The case of English for Specific Purposes in technical degrees Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,Spain
higher education conference Prof Dr.Sandra Figueiredo Aphasia and language deficits: a psycholinguistic approach Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa,Portugal
higher education conference Mrs.Hala Al Khalifa Early Childhood Education in Bahrain: A Way Forward? Bahrain Teachers College – University of Bahrain
higher education conference Mr.Ntachobazi Bosco Teaching Materials and Course ware Construction in Rwanda MOUNT KENYA UNIVERSITY RWANDA
Mrs.Amanda Bruscato Designing an Online Course to Teach Anaphora in Foreign Languages University of Algarve,Portugal
education conference Prof Dr.Dalia Fahmy Words Matter! Building Innovative Professional Diplomacy through Diplomatic Communication and Language Skills Long Island University, USA
higher education conference MSC.Adriana Carolina Torres Escobar Teacher Agency: why is it important in education policy? Universidad Santo Tomás,Colombia
higher education conference MSC.Anthoula Styliani Passadelli Effectiveness of game based educational material for developing spatial thinking of dyslexic students: A case study in Lower Secondary School UNIVERSITY OF AEGEAN,Greece
higher education conference Prof Dr.Carmen Alvarez Alvarez Video technologies for teacher-student interaction in online Teaching University of Cantabria,Spain
MSC.Martina Horvat Cultivation of Emotions through Textbooks: Example of Croatian Gymnasium History Textbooks Faculty of Croatian Studies,Croatia
Ms.Irene Manidaki Enhancing Young Learners’ Writing Skills through the application of Web 2.0 Tools and educational technology in Project – Based teaching and Learning. An action research Hellenic Open University,Greece
Mr.Hatim ISSOUFALY SUTTI initiative – Scale Up Training Traceability & Impact KSAPA,France
Mrs.NUR NADIAH BINTI LANI The Effects of Enrichment Programme on Achievement of Gifted and Talented Students The National University of Malaysia
Prof Dr.Ulrike Hugl Questioning the Austrian Universities’ Distance Learning Landscape during the COVID-19 crisis University of Innsbruck,Austria
higher education conference Dr.Amthal Hamad Al.Oraifan School Leadership Freelancer researcher,Kuwait
Mr.Abdullah Esmail Mohammed Esmail The value (contributions) of the foreign students to Baguio’s economy University of The Cordilleras,Philippines
Mrs.Fátima Almeida Needs of students with high skills How can they be of service to students with specific needs Centro de Investigação para o Desenvolvimento Humano, Faculdade de Educação e Psicologia da Universidade Católica Portuguesa,Portugal
higher education conference Prof Dr.Ynés Phun-Pat Cognitive development, learning strategies anda academic performance in the first stage of university training National University San Luis Gonzaga,Peru
Dr.Maritza Elizabeth Arones Mayurí Disruptive integration of digital tools to enhance the communicative dimension in university students in the current context Universidad Nacional San Luis Gonzaga,Peru
Mr.Christos Kaltsidis Exploring faculty learning needs towards their teaching development in two Greek universities Democritus University Of Thrace,Greece
Mrs.Meenu Mathur Jha (E)Motions: Assessing the impact of virtual learning on adolescents’ Emotional Quotient (EQ) Amity International School,India
higher education conference Prof Dr.Shigeru Ozaki Filipino Teachers of English vs Native English Teachers: Learners’ Perceptions Doshisha University,Japan
higher education conference Prof Dr.Oswaldo Lorenzo Converting face-to-face training to online classes: learned lessons from an instructional design perspective UNIKEMIA,Spain
higher education conference Prof Dr.Melissa McCartney Autonomy of Choice in a Global Classroom: Choose-your-own Adventure, Micro-credentials, and the Destruction of “Course in a Box Queens University of Charlotte,USA
Ms.Deeksha Gulati Educating Heart and Mind: Imparting Universal Ethics Education in Schools in India AyurGyan Nyas,India
Mrs.Janar Abuova The integration of “Floop” platform for enhancing effectiveness of feedback Yeoju technical institution in Tashkent,Uzbekistan
MSC.Sofia Cândido Teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs about pedagogical differentiation strategies ISPA-Instituto Universitario,Portugal