Conference History - Fifth Edition

Author Affliation Article title
education conference Prof. Dr.Mirjana Lenček Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences – University of Zagreb, Croatia Repetition of pseudowords and sentences with pseudowords in children with dyslexia and typically developing children in the third and fourth grade of elementary school
education conference Prof. Dr.Maria Poulou University of Patras, Greece Teachers’ promotion of mental health: Results from a European intervention program (PROMEHS)
Education Conference Dr.Carolyn Stevenson Purdue University Global, USA Stretched Too Thin: Leveling the Educational Landscape through OERs and Open Degree Plans
education conference Ass.Prof. Hümeyra Genç Üsküdar University, Turkey The Designing Process of L2 Listening Test with Visuals
Education Conference Dr. Guy Moshe Pinku Levinsky College of Education, Israel The Trio Model: A new approach for Teaching Disciplines of Education Face-to-Face and Online
Education Conference Dr. Orit Shenkar Ono Academic College, Israel Undergraduate experience of faculty members’ attire
education conference Prof Dr.Prakash Naidoo University of Free State, South Africa Managing the risk of the spread of the COVID-19 virus through the implementation a COVID-19 vaccination policy at a South African University
education conference Prof.Dr.Hiroaki Watanabe Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan An Innovative Method of Teaching Grammar and its Impact on Standardized Test Scores
education conference Prof.Dr.Robert Long Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan Characterizing Japanese Learners’ Written Complexity, Accuracy, and Fluency Over a School Year
Education Conference Dr.Panagiotis Kosmas Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology, Cyprus & School of Education, University of Nicosia, Cyprus Promoting Intercultural Education using a board game in formal and in-formal educational contexts.
Education Conference Dr.Gan Lu The Pre-school Education Researcher institute of The Preschool Education in Shenzhen, China Experiences and Reflections on the Construction of Smart Kindergartens in a Chinese City
Education Conference Dr.Desire Chiwandire University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), USA Rethinking higher education transformation and disability inclusion in South Africa: A synthesis of literature
Education Conference Prof Dr.Michele Eduarda Brasil de Sá Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil Producing materials for EMI classes – the role of tip sheets for students
Education Conference Dr.Jingshu Guo Kyushu University, Japan A study on the theory and practice of English teaching based on a dual subject interaction model
Education Conference Mrs. Marianna Kafaridou University of Nicosia, Cyprus Universal Design Learning and Design Education
Education Conference Ms.K H Priyanka Sandyani Kumarasinghe SANASA Campus, Sri Lanka Applying Digital Literacy in English as a Second Language Assignment to Promote 21st Century Core Skills in Undergraduates in Sri Lanka: A Group Assignment via Microsoft Sway Application
Education Conference Ms.Sırma Rana Esmer Hisar School, Turkey Flipped classroom application in Chemistry Education: An analysis of task challenge and students’ views
Education Conference Ms.Ameneh Taghvaei Kashan University, Iran Early Childhood English Learning in the City of Qom
Education Conference Mrs.Josefina Bengoechea ICADE BUSINESS SCHOOL, Spain The importance of Emotional Intelligence: The Role of Higher Education
Education Conference Ms.Salwa Dakheel Alhalafi Lancaster University UK, Saudi Arabia How might the organisational culture influence the self-efficacy of Saudi women leaders in higher education?(Pilot study)
Education Conference Mrs.Yuanyuan Zhu The Affiliated Preschool of Shenzhen Longhair District Education Institute Early Childhood Education Group, Thailand Teachers’ perceptions of class instructional supervision as a warning to managers – a survey from an urban area in China
Education Conference Mr.Jakub Adamczewski Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland Finland: Good teachers make great schools.
Education Conference Ms.Yuzhen Fu Wenzhou-Kean University, China Gender-specific differences in professional choices in Chinese cultural contexts

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