Conference History - Sixth Edition

Conference Proceeding
Name Affliation Article title
Education Conference Mr.  Kevin Fuchs Prince of Songkla University, Thailand Using an extended technology acceptance model to determine students’ behavioral intentions toward smartphone technology
Education Conference Dr. Marcella Elwina Simandjuntak Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia Promoting Tolerance and Inclusiveness for Indonesian University Students through Online Board-Game
Education Conference Mr. Mukammil Shah De Laas Gul Welfare Program, Pakistan Circular economy a brief literature Review and implementations
Education Conference Dr. Saeid Safaei Movahhed National Iranian Oil Company(NIOC), Iran Research cultures in Education Departments: an autoethnographic study
Education Conference Prof Dr. Angela Thomas Bowling Green State University, The Impact of a Short Term Study Abroad Experience
Education Conference Dr. Shahrbanoo Hassani Kharazmi University-Higher Education Institution, Iran A Phenomenological Exploration in the Philosophy Curriculum for Children (P4C)
Education Conference Dr. Nadeem Saqlain Memorial University, Canada Youth Perception of Using Technology during COVID-19 in Rural Pakistan
Education Conference Dr. Ali Merç Anadolu University, Turkey Problems of pre-service Turkish EFL teachers during the practicum process: Expectations vs. realities
Education Conference Ms. Konstantina Derveni Charles University, Czech Republic Literacy development through mobile learning technologies in primary education: A systematic literature review survey
Education Conference Mr. Andrew Edejerho Okolosi Stanger High School, South Africa Rural Education and how it reflects on Government Reconstruction and Development efforts in South Africa
Education Conference Ms. Nourhane Snani Eötvös Loránd Univeristy, Hungary Teaching Culture in the Algerian EFL Classroom
Education Conference Dr. Bernd Simon Knowledge Markets, Austria Teachers’ Requirements for Educational Resources in the Austrian School Sector – Perspectives of Multiple User Types
Education Conference Dr. Loshni S Govender University of Mpumalanga, South Africa A Comparative Case Study of Leadership Dimensions in Higher Education
Education Conference Mr. Nicolas Ragodoo University of Mauritius, Epistemological Access and the Higher Education agenda in Mauritius University of Mauritius,
University education and the replication of the social hierarchy through pseudo-illumination and shallow-mirroring
Education Conference Dr. Smilena Smilkova University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” Burgas, Bulgaria Perceiving Music – a basic musical Activity
Education Conference Msc. Megi Plaku Polytechnic University of Tirana, Faculty of Mathematics Engineering and Physics Engineering, Albania Some Peculiarities of Word- Formation Mechanisms in the Area of Civil Engineering
Education Conference Prof Dr. María José Latorre-Medina University of Granada, Spain Are student teachers competent in digital security matters?
Education Conference Dr. Aleksandra Berkowicz Jagiellonia University, Poland Self-educational values as a driver of changes in management
Education Conference Chaimae Tnibar Harrus University of Granada, Spain Are student teachers competent in digital security matters?
Education Conference Dr. Rebekah Clarke Holmanclarke Group Ltd, United States Exploring Differences in Work Environment and Work Engagement as Moderated by Psychological Capital
Education Conference Mr. Jesús López Santiago University Polytechnic of Madrid, Spain Service-Learning Applied to Environmental Engineering University subjects

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