Learning conference 2021

The learning conference (ICTLE)  is coming to Zurich, Switzerland on the 10 – 12 September 2021

There are many reasons to join a learning conference, but here are just a few. The agenda is designed by a diverse group of expert committee members. It addresses the most significant questions in the areas of early childhood education, public education policy, machine learning, theory and practice of physical education development, and more. Our prestigious panel of speakers will guide the discussion for maximum engagement, offering you a unique opportunity to learn from your peers from all around the world. Finally, it is your chance to share your knowledge with thousands of members of our network, be it through paper publications, poster presentations, or networking sessions.

Learning Conference

Present your research at our learning conference and get published in prestigious academic journals


Being a speaker at the learning conference 2021 allows you and your work more exposure, gives you the opportunity to get feedback from the audience and expands your networking opportunities. So, submit your manuscript and book your presentation slot now.


Without all the travel, planning, and costs involved in the in-person conference, you can present, network and discuss your work even more in real-time with all participants at learning conference 2021 virtual sessions.


To experience a two-way knowledge transfer and a detailed discussion with a truly interested audience who may have firsthand knowledge of the field, submit your research work to the learning conferences 2021 as a Poster presentation.


No intention to have a presentation at learning conferences 2021, you can join us and be an attentive active listener not only to share your insights at the Q&A sessions but also to be exposed to several networking opportunities with peers.

NETWORKING at learning conference

One-day city tour free of charge

Attending a learning conference 2021 (ICLTE) is an opportunity to build networks with other academics and experts in the same or similar field of studies all around the world and to share thoughts on recent advances.

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